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Published by Knopf, 2010 *****

I am practically convulsing with sobs knowing that there are no more books in the Millennium Series and that Larsson is gone from this world.  He displayed immense talent and this trilogy has captivated me to no end.  In Hornet’s Nest, all of the pieces of Lisbeth Selander’s puzzle fall in place.  I must admit, this was the most challenging of the three novels because there are so many characters and details and conspiracies and intricacies and OH MY GOODNESS so much craziness.   The incredibly written characters of Lisbeth and Kalle Blomkvist have left an impression on me and this book offered a phenomenal, satisfying, and vindicating conclusion.


A brief aside, The Hubs and I are still chattering like mad about these books, especially since it’s so rare that we read a series practically in tandem.  So stay tuned for some supplementary posts about the trilogy…

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Comments on: "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson" (2)

  1. i feel the same way….so sad to know that we will never have another novel from Larsson :)

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